Thursday, September 22, 2005

The End is Nigh

I've spent my life seeing problems be fixed with "a nice cuppa tea". I'd never really questionned it. Maybe "a horrible cuppa tea" wouldnt have solved the world's worst problems, but a nice cuppa PG definately would. My Dad would have a lousy day at work, no problem. My Nana would get shoved on the bus by some adolscent fool, bingo, give her a cuppa.

As I grew older, I was given the same treatment. Ok, so lets be honest, it wasnt the cup of tea that made everything feel nice again, but having a hug, and a talk, and just feeling loved. So, whats the conclusion here? Love is the answer to all problems? Not quite.

I dont know if people actually do it in real life, or if it's just in the movies, but I have an image of one of those guys walking around with a 'The End Is Nigh' boards on his back. If I saw one tomorrow, and it happened to be right, I wouldn't be too bothered... and I wouldnt be too surprised either. Natural disasters are hitting us left, right, and centre. An incapable man is controlling the most powerful country in the world. We're destroying the world and its' inhabitants, whether it be through unimaginable amounts of debt and poverty, through war, through terrorism, or with polluting our world in insane amounts. And nobody seems to care, or the people who do care don't have the power to do anything about it. We're living in the here and now, doing what we can to make money now, without a second thought for our children and grandchildren.

I know there are people who have been putting out this message for much longer than I have, and much more forcefully than me too. I dont care enough, to be honest. I care enough to make a passing comment about it, but dont really have much if any intention to do anything about it. I feel sorry for the people who do care with every ounce of their being, who do love this world and the people in it, because they're fighting a losing battle, and one which will go on until we destroy our world and the people in it completely.

I was thinking of my conclusion and it is horribly depressive. I dont know whether that's to do with my mood, or the reality of our situation. For small problems, and even mediumish sized ones, love can be the answer. Whether it's the cuppa tea, or hug, or "I love you", but the problems are world is facing right now have gone beyond repair, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe there can be damage limitation, maybe love can plug some holes, and build some bridges, but there just seems to a few big clues, like pointing, red cartoon arrows in the sky, telling us that our time is going to be up soon.

The sweetest thing I've ever known was like a kiss on a collar bone. Soft caress of happiness, the way you walk your style of dress. I wish I didnt get so weak, ooh baby just to hear you speak. Makes me argue just to see, how much you're in love with me.


At 5:01 PM, Blogger jenlou said...

there is so much to worry about in this world.. so many things to keep you up at night.. give you nightmares.. make you feel powerless. where do you begin? there are people out there to save the world, but can their personal impact make a dent in the largeness of their concern?

no one of us will end poverty tomorrow. no one of us will make gwb a more peaceful man. it takes years of nations to make a difference there. it takes more than you or me to fix our ozone. so why worry at all? why do anything? maybe there isnt a reason.. maybe all thats left to do is give up.

you make a difference in what you can touch. you do scott. you make a difference. you make it in your family.. you make it in the little girl you send ribbons.. you'll make it with those teens today.. you make it with me. if you were to give up.. all those people you touch would be instantly at a loss. not one of us is a nation.. not one of us is larger than life.. but to the individual.. you make the change. you are the single difference for all of those. you affect and create effects for all those people. you have and you continue to.. and your concern and love, and cuppa, they make the love inside us.

there's not alot of good reasons to say it shouldnt all be done now.. there isnt alot of hope out there at the moment with people washing away, starving, dying of incurable disease. but you look into the eyes of the people you surround yourself with. you see them smile back at your joke, your call.. ask yourself "did I just make a difference?" the worst days in the world were cured with one person's smile. the power of love exceeds the closing of michael j fox's height of fame. the power of love.. to love.. and be loved - that is what will change us one by one. and one day, that will be the one thing that changes the world into what we hope it to be.

"The sweetest thing I've ever known was like a kiss on a collar bone. Soft caress of happiness, the way you walk your style of dress. I wish I didnt get so weak, ooh baby just to hear you speak. Makes me argue just to see, how much you're in love with me. "

more than you've known. thank you for being my difference all these years. i love you x


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