Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.

I'm a reformed smoker (nothing beats a bout of pneumonia and a determined girlfriend to make you quit, I can testify to that) but I refuse to turn in to an ex smoker who constantly whinges and complains about smokers. Those evil smokers, behaving in exactly the same way you did until that changing moment in your life made you quit.

"My grandma just died of lung cancer from smoking, and that made me quit straight away... I can't understand people like you who still smoke when lung cancer is wiping so many people out." This is the worst kind of ex smoker for me. What an obnoxious, self centred and ignorant point of view. Firstly, because how much can you argue with someone who has just lost a relative, but most importantly, theirs isnt the first grandma, grandfather, father, mother, brother, auntie etc. to die. The awareness of smoking causes cancer and death only arose when YOU lost someone? Oh please.

Then there's the ex smoker who sits in pubs, complaining about the smoke. It's a pub, pubs are smokey. Pubs were smokey when you smoked, and they're still smokey now. The whole world doesnt get reformed because you decided you were going to quit smoking.

The most amusing ex smoker can also be found in a pub. Knocking back shots, sipping on beer, downing doubles, then in a slurred voice saying "Schmoking is weally weally bad for you". Thanks for the warning, you know what alcohol does to you? Liver diseases (including the ex smoker's favourite, cancer) heart damage, much increased risk of stroke, depression etc. And you're telling the smoker they're damaging themselves? How about the fat person? Obesity is one of the biggest causes of all stomach, breast, kidney and colon cancers.

Saying this, I'm not anti-anti-smokers. To a certain extent, I understand that now they have given up, and are in situations where they breathe others smoke, they are frustrated. But please, please no high and mighty attitudes. Don't forget what it was like when you were one of the club.


At 7:08 AM, Blogger April said...

My brother in law was one of those ex smokers. Who liked to tell everyone (always while drunk) how horrible smoking is and how much of a better person he is then everyone else because he quit. Thanks for sticking up to the "normal" ex smokers ;)

At 2:06 AM, Blogger raphael said...

Yes, I concur that it is easy to quit.

Let me share something here.

Before you seriously want to start quit smoking, think about why you want to quit.

Decide for sure that you want to quit. Promise yourself that you’ll do it. It’s OK to have mixed feelings.Don’t let that stop you. There will be times every day that you don’t feel like quitting. You will have to stick with it anyway.

Find reasons to quit that are important to you. Tell yourself, the only way to improve your health is to quit smoking right now


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