Friday, July 29, 2005

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is an illusion.

I've always been rather partial to a conspiracy theory or two. Did man really land on the moon? Was Diana's death an accident? Is there life out there? For the most part, I tend to believe them, and I'm not sure whether that's because I've rationally concluded they must be true, or whether I just like the idea of mystery and and well kept, life altering secrets.

Lots of people find it very easy to dismiss conspiracy theories, being naive enough to think the government doesn't hold things from us, 'for our own good', and yes, if I'm honest, it probably is for our own good. The whole world erupted in mourning when Diana died, so can you imagine what would have happened had it been found out that actually MI6 were behind it. I mean, afterall, we couldn't have the mother of the future king married to an Egyptian Muslim, could we?

David Icke pushed the conspiracy boat out a little too far though. The Royal Family are actually reptiles, taking on human form, the Bush family perform human sacrifices and drink blood, and that the Holocaust was actually down to a small group of Jews who financed Hitler.

I honestly think it's naive to believe we know everything, but is it more naive to think that one day we will know it all? Will we find out who actually shot JFK? Does the Holy Grail really exist? These are things I'm sure we'll never know, but people are dying to find out. However, I'm not too sure whether people hype these events up in to being things they really aren't. Maybe they are just simple answers, waiting to be found, or even already have been found.

However, I'm afraid I'm going to have to stick with the sci-fi geeks, and agree that the truth is out there. I may never get to know what all the truths are, but there's something exciting about believing there's a whole unknown world of answers that we have no idea about. And anyway, the people who dont believe in conspiracy theories are the same people who, as children, went around telling the kids on the playground that Father Christmas wasn't real. There's no shame in believing in the unbelievable sometimes...


At 2:13 PM, Blogger jenlou said...

if we all still believed in father christmas (jewish kids can believe in the round Coke fairy too.. there's no harm in that), maybe there'd be a little more concern for being naughty. if a giant old man who held the fate of your being cast as good or bad could see you when you were sleeping AND awake.. everything you did.. and that extra-curricular behaviour was then revealed to all one day in late december - hmm. those playground nay-sayers might be worse than we thought...


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